Several years ago, I learned to program PHP. After developing a couple web applications for the bank, I got ridiculously excited about the way that technology integrates to improve (or sometimes not…) business and our lives. So, armed with this passion, I did what any good member of Gen-Y would do… I quit my job and went back for another degree.

Secure in the fact that an MBA would make me infinitely more employable, I scoffed in the face of concerns by friends and family about “…not having an income” and “…how are you going to find a job – the economy sucks” or “…you know what’s nice? Not eating ramen“. Well, a year and a half later and I can safely say that ramen is not too bad but, given the sodium content, is basically like eating a beef or chicken flavored salt lick; I’m developing real concerns about my health. Now, as the education ride draws to a close… it’s time to find a job.

However, as it turns out, I seem to pretty much suck at finding a job or internship. I have sent out resume and cover letter after resume and cover letter to an unresponsive void. Admittedly, I have gone through a couple interviews but obviously with no success. Being that I am always trying to improve, I’m reflecting on the past to determine what is holding me back so that I can find a job and subsequently add “awesome job seeker” to my list of already awesome skills.

A large part of this blog will be a series of posts detailing the trials and tribulations of finding work today because, while I am awesome at a lot of things, I am also supremely awesome at failing but, at the same time, good natured about it as well.

I am open to job-hunting and interviewing tips or quips (see what I did there?) in the comments so I invite you, dear reader, to help me improve my skills and ultimately find a job.